so, our story begins with a big bang! no, not “the start of the universe,” a more “mild” bang. A supernova!this shockwave travels into a cloud, which promptly flattens it and creates a protostar in a “mere” 100,000 years! then… dawn in the solar system. the sun starts fusing stuff! the dust form clumps, like dust bunnies! cosmic dust bunnies! cool!

then, a storm arises! a lightning storm! the lightning hits a dust bunny and poof! a dust bunny becomes a rock!

then, through random collisions, the rocks grow! then, when it gets big enough, it uses gravity, like Jupiter, which formed far out, and migrated in, disturbing the asteroid belt, making asteroids rain down on the inner planets! (oh no!) but, bennu survives! (somehow) the solar system cools and calms. billions of years of quiet follow…more or less. then, a collision shatters bennu! then, gravity puts it into a more loose body. bennu. then, Saturn’s gravity pushes bennu and close encounters with mars, earth, and venus all rip bennnu apart, repetitively! then, osiris rex went to it to get a sample!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COOOOOOOOOLLL!

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