so, there is a star, WASP-121, that is hotter and brighter then the sun-because it fuses hydrogen into helium more quickly-and it has a hot Jupiter. what is a hot Jupiter? well, here is a diagram. early when a star forms, there is a lot of gas around it, but also some rocky parts. when a star starts to fuse hydrogen into helium, the star blows away the gas but leaves the rocks. then in the rocky part, the rocky planets form, and in the gas part, the gas planets form. but there is still some gsa left in the gas giant’s territory, and the gas giants eat it up, but also slows it down, making it spiral in tho the star. then it gets really hot. this planet is a hot Jupiter. this planet is the same type of planet is the same type as WASP-121b. this planet is so close, it is bulging toward the star. also, it’s close enough to the star that metals boil!!!!! wow! it evaporates, goes to the top of the hot Jupiter, and gets blown away by the wind(from the star.

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