December 26 is Boxing Day here in Canada and is typically a big shopping day, kind of like Black Friday in the U.S. We went to one shop to see if there were any deals, but left empty handed. But we did learn some new things that were pretty cool.

What are tugboats for?

Ethan got a wooden pirate ship model from Santa and spent the morning putting it together.

We then left to go downtown and as we drove over the Lions Gate Bridge, there was a tugboat. Ethan asked what a tugboat is used for. To be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure, so when we got home, we looked it up while Ethan put the finishing touches on his pirate ship.

We found out that tugboats are used to maneuver boats that would have trouble getting around in a harbour, or pulling things like barges that don’t have an engine. Pretty cool.

How do they choose the expiry date of food?

Over lunch, we were talking about processed foods or something similar because Ethan asked how they choose the expiry date of food.

We found out that food companies get tests done to see when microbes form on food and what point there are too many microbes for a particular food item. The expiry date is chosen based on the test results to ensure we are not eating something that could make us sick. So it’s good to pay attention to expiry dates!

Snap Circuits

After lunch, Ethan played with his Snap Circuits set and tried to create a new circuit. He found out that the whistle chip (sound activated part) could be activated repeatedly by placing the speaker on top of it. This made the music loop continuously, which was a cool discovery.

Captain Underpants is back

Well, he never really left, but it’s been a while since Ethan picked up one of the Captain Underpants books. We saw the movie last year and Ethan has always loved the books, so it was nice to see him reading one again. The books are fun, creative and have been inspiring for Ethan because the main characters make comic books. I know that Ethan was influenced by Captain Underpants to make his own comics.

So Boxing Day was pretty chill for us, but Ethan managed to learn some new things. That’s the best part of homeschooling… there’s always a new opportunity to learn.

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