Today, Ethan spent quite a bit of time making stuff at home. He made a couple fidget spinners and some stick bombs, which are examples of kinetic energy.


Read on the Kindle for 30 minutes.

Did his workbooks. Topics he worked on today: creatures that use soil; why the sea is salty; and changing roles and responsibilities.

Practiced violin.

Went to the playground for about an hour.

He made a boat dock.

Then listened to the WOW in the World podcast.


Ethan made a fidget spinner from Lego.

And another one from paper.

While having lunch, he asked about how fast an object falls. We talked about the maximum speed something falling can reach and Ethan blurted out, “Terminal velocity!” We then talked about terminal velocity and how to calculate it. We Googled it and talked about drag coefficient.

After, he asked me how big the Sun is and we looked it up. He then told me about the moon’s diameter and the Sun’s diameter.

He was curious what the difference was between diameter and radius, so we read about it on the Khan Academy website. We then saw how the circumference to diameter of any circle is equal to pi. That was cool because about a month ago, Ethan was really into pi and even memorised the first 16 digits of pi.

After lunch, he worked on Algodoo, did some programming on Scratch and played online chess.

He then watched some videos on origami about how to make a dragon, happy face, banana, secret book, cup, book, fidget pyramid and exploding pyramid.

He then watched how to make stick bombs and worked on making stick bombs, which are examples of kinetic energy.


He played a game he invented called “Clean Your Room” with Dong Eun and the pompoms he made. The object of the game is to throw all of the pompoms to the other person’s side of the room. It was more like each person madly tossing pompoms, kind of like a snowball fight.

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