Instead of doing the entire weekend in one post like last weekend, I’m going to do each day separately like I usually do. The reason is that it’s just a lot easier than trying to do the whole weekend in one shot.

Homeschooling Friends

Today was great because we met up with another homeschooler who Ethan is friends with. Ethan met the other boy at a class he was taking at the community centre but we had no idea he was a homeschooler. I had met his mom at an event and we finally ran into each other after the community centre class one day. Since then, we’ve met a few times and it’s been great because the boys enjoy playing with each other and we share similar values and perspectives on homeschooling.

The Only Worry

If there’s anything we’ve been worried about, it’s finding other families who look at homeschooling in the same way that we do, or that are unschooling for similar reasons as us. Those reasons are primarily about giving Ethan a richer, more suitable educational experience for how he likes to learn, which is more self directed, so that he has the freedom to learn and explore topics in as much depth as he wants. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s been so much easier than we thought to have him unschooling and he seems to be loving it, too. Anyway…



As we’ve been doing most of this past week, we went out early in the morning for jog/bike ride/walk along the beach. Ethan’s been enjoying the experience more and more each day, especially when he gets to ride his bike at the skate park with nobody else around.

He worked on posting to this website and has been practicing by playing with changing different things and writing short blog posts. The rest of the morning was spent having dim sum with my parents and grocery shopping.


Ethan got a plastic bag from the dim sum restaurant because he ate too much and felt like throwing up, which he didn’t, luckily. But he turned the bag into a parachute and experimented with how to attach string to it and what weights he would need to make the parachute fall slowly. It took several tries but he eventually figured it out.

We needed to wash our car, so Ethan came out to help. As usual, it was more fun to play with the water than to actually wash the car. He did find a ladybug so that was fun, too.

Ethan has been big into origami lately, so he spent some time making more origami fidget toys. Today was different, because he wanted to give one to his homeschooling friend, who I mentioned earlier, as we were going to meet up with him and his mom.

The boys played together at the beach playground for almost 2 ½ hours and had a blast making mud pies and some sort of a mountain.


Before dinner, Ethan learned how to make an origami flicker, which is a triangle shaped design that can fly if you flick it. He made several versions of the flicker and had a fun time flicking them around the living room.

After dinner, he watched more origami how-to videos. This time, it was how to make a pyramid that could be opened and closed. It was quite cool because when it closed, the sides of the pyramid would fold into each other.

He then did his observation and as soon as he was done his observation, he went back to the origami and made more pyramids and a box with a secret flap.


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