It’s been a hectic time the last week to 10 days, so I’m just going to upload photos. These cover Boston, Walden Pond, New York City and parts of Washington, DC. We’re still in DC at the moment, as there has been so much more to see than we expected.

We also met with my friend Charles and his family. Charles and I have been Internet friends for at least 5 years and I consider him one of my best friends. But we had never met in person until now. It turned out to be awesome, as his daughter got on great with Ethan; and his wife and Dong Eun were like long lost best friends. It couldn’t have worked out better.


Walden Pond

Driving to New York

New York City

New York City – Day 2

Driving to Washington, DC

Washington, DC – Day 1

Washington, DC – Day 2

Washington, DC – Day 3

Washington, DC – Day 1 again (iPhone photos use different file names!)

Washington, DC – Day 2 again (iPhone photos use different file names!)


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