For some reason we have fewer pictures this week of what Ethan was up to, but needless to say, he kept himself quite busy. As an unschooler, he’s able to explore his interests as long as he likes and whenever he likes. He certainly did that this week.

Slightly different look

One thing I should mention is that this week’s post was written with WordPress 5.0.

The interface is slightly different and it’s easier to add a bunch of pictures at once without having to manually add a space between them.

However, when using this gallery function, it won’t allow me to add a description above the photo.

So this week, most descriptions have been written as captions under the photos.

December 2

Beautiful day today so we went for a walk in the neighbourhood.

Ethan took this photo of himself writing in his blog. Normally, I do all the writing but Ethan has been helping out, which has been great.

December 4

December 5

December 6

In the evening, Ethan had taekwondo class. He’s still working on getting his test form so he’s been putting in extra practice. Getting a test form means you can take the belt test.

December 7

December 8

We took a walk to the grocery store and bought some dinner, too.

After dinner, we watched more of the Chinese history DVD that we got from the library. Ethan has really enjoyed this DVD and especially liked the parts about what the Chinese invented, especially how they invented soccer.

And that was it for this past week. 

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