Wow! Happy New Year! It’s been a relatively slow week for Ethan because of the holiday season. Plus, Ethan was banned from using the computer for almost 2 weeks so there was that, as well.

The community centre had a special pass for the winter holidays where you could do unlimited skating, swimming or gymnastics drop-in. We got Ethan one of these passes and he spent almost every day doing at least one of those activities. He would go with one of his friends but was equally happy playing with new kids.

It was a great way to stay active over the holiday period when he didn’t have any of his regular activities.

As mentioned, Ethan was banned from using his computer. He was writing a message to post online and switched to full-screen with a different window when Dong Eun walked in.

He wasn’t doing anything wrong but was trying to hide what he was doing. We decided it would be best to take away his computer privileges to help him realize that he should be honest about what he’s doing and not sneak around.

He finally got the computer privileges back on January 1.

Ethan prepared a new schedule for the New Year. He’ll have more physical activities because we can see how much it benefits him to be more active. He’ll be in swimming three days a week, taekwondo twice a week, skating lessons once a week and one full day of nature school per week. We’ll try to fit in some skiing when possible.

December 29

December 31

Ethan stayed up until midnight to ring in 2020. Fun night!

January 1

January 2

January 3

The shots below are of Ethan’s coding in Python. He’s making a game called Snake. It’s a classic game where you move a “snake” around the screen trying to eat an apple. With each apple eaten, the snake grows longer and moves faster. The object of the game is to continue eating apples and not touching the sides of the screen. If the snake touches one of the sides, the game is over.

January 4

And that was the end of 2019 and the start of 2020 for Ethan. He continues to do a lot and loves unschooling. Let’s see how the rest of 2020 plays out.

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