Here’s a look at what Ethan was up to this past week.

We have been asking Ethan to spend more time answering the questions and reviewing the information and websites sent by Natasha, Ethan’s SelfDesign Learning Consultant.

We greatly appreciate the material she sends us because it helps expand Ethan’s exposure to different learning resources. Everything she sent was related to things that Ethan enjoys learning about, which has helped him become even more engaged in his learning.

Ethan has also taken a strong interest in, the online game with the tanks. He made a flowchart about each of the tanks in the game to visualize how to get specific tanks that he likes.

We also attended a physics event introduced to us by Natasha and he really enjoyed it. He mentioned that he wished it was hands-on and that he was already familiar with what they taught. However, he still had a great time, especially since he was there with friends. We’ll likely go every year from now on.

Ethan is very much into physics these days. He has been learning about oscillations and mechanical waves from Khan Academy. He found the lessons about sound waves particularly fascinating because of how they interact with each other.

For example, he learned a formula to calculate beat frequency and was able to input different numbers to demonstrate how the formula works.

He was inspired to write his own code in Python to calculate wavelengths.

In math, he’s been learning about polynomials and likes it because he can graph the results. He really enjoys creating a visual representation of things that he has learned.

He has been reading articles from the NASA website and writing about the topics he most enjoys. He has also made videos that he published today on his YouTube channel and we’ll include them in next week’s blog post.

When he had his symphony concert on the weekend, he really enjoyed it. The group only had three practices but were able to play fourteen of the Christmas classics. He enjoys practicing the violin at home, as well.

We have also started borrowing more books from the library. The topics span coding, science, fiction, math or just anything that he likes. He even got a drawing book. The reason for borrowing more books is because Ethan has been spending a lot of time on his laptop. We want him to have a better balance with offline learning activities, such as reading.

He’s not so much into the classic books we purchased for him. He doesn’t voluntarily read the classics, as he would rather read what interests him that he finds at the library.

He likes stories set in space, no surprise there, but he also likes Tom Gates and the Humphrey series of books. He is still into Mr. Lemoncello’s Library and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Waste of Space is another favourite that he not only reads, but he also listens to the audiobook. Audiobooks are available from the library as a digital download.

He enjoyed reading Holes by Louis Sachar and borrowed another one of Sachar’s books to read.

What he’s not so into is learning Spanish and learning about history. Although he works on the history timeline, he does it quickly to get it done. This is similar to learning Spanish with Duolingo.

We all went to Cirque du Soleil’s Luzia to finish the week. It was Ethan’s second time seeing it and he enjoyed it just as much this time, too. He didn’t catch any of the Spanish being spoken, though 🙂

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From Mink, Ethan’s nature school teacher:

The day started with a fun round of Titanoboa, a collaborative tag game involving slaying of a giant prehistoric snake using only a few pine cones (poison dart frogs). Afterwards, we all sang a gratitude song together for circle, and Mink finished off the Badora story.

Mink’s group started out by playing a game of scout sword with Mikaela’s group. The object of the game is to pin clothes pins onto a blindfolded ninja, without getting hit by the pool noodle the ninja is swinging at anything hey can here. Afterwards, the ravens headed to a familiar spot where they had stashed some hemlock twigs in hopes that they would be dry for this weeks return to the fire challenge. The fire challenge proves to be just as difficult this week as last week, partially because the stashed hemlock twigs did not stay dry at all! Fortunately the Ravens had enough time to come through in the end, although they did end up having to use a lighter. The Pitch of a nearby Douglas Fir proved indispensable in lighting the fire. The teamwork exemplified by the group in this challenge was very impressive, and everyone got to celebrate by enjoying a hot beverage together at the end!

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