Here’s Ethan’s last week of January 2019 and all his unschooling adventures. We started the week with a chill Sunday at home and at the beach.

January 27

We started the day by going for a jog along the beach.

January 28

There were other things he did today, too, such as playing the violin, editing and uploading a new video to YouTube about Rubik’s Cube combinations and reading a book about Roman soldiers.

January 29

UPDATE: Ethan and Dong Eun took a walk this morning along the beach and took notice of all the birds that were there. Ethan observed their behaviour as there were many birds there.

Ethan wrote most of the descriptions, except the ones that are capitalized correctly.

January 30

January 31

UPDATE: This morning, Dong Eun and Ethan went for a jog along the seawall and stopped to watch the birds again.

February 1

February 2

What a busy week, as usual. Ethan loves to spend time doing the things he enjoys. We asked again if he’d like to go back to regular school and again, he said no. Unschooling has really been a great thing for him… and us as a family, too.

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