This week marks the start of the winter term and Ethan was back at it with a new schedule and tasks for the week. Here’s what he did.

Ethan started his activities again this week. He has taekwondo, violin, swimming, skating and nature school as his main activities. He’ll be taking swimming lessons three times a week. We think it’s a good way for him to be more active and it gives him more practice time. Nature school starts next week.

While researching for his history timeline, he learned about René Descartes. Ethan was interested in Descartes because he was also a scientist and mathematician. Ethan really liked that Descartes developed the Cartesian coordinate system because of how much Ethan likes making graphs.

Ethan has access to Masterclass and was interested in Chris Hadfield’s class about being an astronaut. After watching, Ethan went to the Canadian Space Agency site and watched a video about what he had to do to become an astronaut. after that, he played a game on the CSA website where you launch rockets to other planets.

He started learning about nuclear decay and nuclear equations. This brought him back to becoming interested in chemistry. He was also quite enthusiastic when teaching what he learned.

Thanks to Natasha, Ethan’s LC, for sending all the new materials and links. Ethan spent two days looking at all the things she sent and found everything useful and interesting.

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January 10

January 11

This week went by fast. Ethan was particularly excited about getting a new bed. He also did a great job of cleaning and organizing his room.

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