Amazing, beautiful weather meant more time outside along with Ethan’s usual array of activities over the past week. Here’s what happened this week on Ethan’s unschooling journey.

March 3

Sunday and what a beautiful day! It’s been so sunny and nice in Vancouver lately that we try to go outside as much as possible to enjoy it.

March 4

We finished the day by reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. The main character has now realized that the whale they’ve been chasing is a machine. Ethan is definitely enjoying the story.

March 5

March 6

Soaring Eagle Nature School’s teachers send us an email with what happened each week. Here’s what Ethan’s group did:

Hi Parents,

Today was a day of frigid slipperiness and togetherness-fun for us at Soaring Eagle.
We started with an epic giant game of Watchtower, creeping through a giant stretch of forest towards an eagle-eyed lookout. We then circled and talked some about the nature of gratitude, before Scott told us the final piece of the ancient epic “The Firebird.”

Scott’s Group:
On this, the slipperiest day of the year, we first searched for where we could go to find bare earth to stand and walk upon.
We found a sweet spot atop a hill. Some of us delighted in sliding down the hill while others gathered ingredients for a tinder bundle. We also practiced carving.
After carving, we developed an excellent harry potter themed game involving douglas fir cones and dementors.
At the end of the day, we focused on working as a group to light our tinder bundle with our tug o war bow drill setup.

March 7

March 8

Quite the day today!

March 9

And that was another week of Ethan being immersed in unschooling and finding his own way to learn.

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