The last week of May is also the last week of Ethan’s official school year with SelfDesign. Curiously, the upcoming week will be the first time that students will be able to return to regular school here in BC.

The situation hasn’t affected Ethan too much but he did express that he has missed spending time with his friends.

I’m sure this has been the experience of most children but perhaps the impact is greater on students like Ethan who already learn from home and depend on activities and outdoor play times to have social interaction with other kids.

Ethan has been having video calls with a few of his friends and we have had a social distance play date outdoors with another family who we’re good friends with. However, it’s not the same. Fortunately, Ethan seems to understand why things are the way they are because of the coronavirus. And as mentioned, it’s likely easier for him since he’s already a home learner.

Ethan has enjoyed the online classes where they allow questions to be asked in the chat boxes. The other online classes are less engaging for him because of the lack of interaction.

On days when it was nice out, Ethan has gone jogging in the morning and then we’ll play tennis in the afternoon or in the evening before dinner. He’s gotten a lot better at tennis these past few months.

He also likes to bring his skipping rope out to the tennis court and will practice skipping after getting tired of playing tennis. He has a lot of fun skipping rope. His record for consecutive skips is now 65, up from 49. He could barely do 10 mere weeks ago. (UPDATE: Ethan can do up to 71 skips)

In any case, here is what Ethan was up to this past week…

May 24

Ethan has been preparing some breakfast for himself and for us, too. He’s gotten better at cooking scrambled eggs, for example.

May 25

Here’s the edited Pac-Man stop motion video…

May 26

May 27

May 28

May 29

May 30

And that wraps up another week of learning for Ethan, as well as our year with SelfDesign. Thank you to Natasha for your support and encouragement and we look forward to reconnecting with you in the new school year.

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