As the school year winds down, we find ourselves continuing to learn and develop our own way of helping Ethan with his learning. I think this is the way it will be for the foreseeable future, as learning is organic and ever-evolving.

May 27

Sunday morning started with reading “The 52-Story Treehouse” before going for our jog.

We made waffles today and Ethan helped with pouring in the batter.

After brunch, Kal came over and played with Ethan on the playground for a while before we all played tennis together. Ethan has really improved and seems more confident when playing because he can hit the ball well and more consistently.

Ethan added his story about exponents to this it is: click!

He prepared a summary of “The 65-Story Treehouse,” which we’re hoping he’ll turn into a book report.

Kal came back after lunchtime and the two of them worked on making games.

Ethan worked on his ninja board game from before.

Kal made a maze.

After Kal went home, Ethan practiced the violin.

And since today was Opposite Day, we also had some fun saying and doing the opposite.

Garden is doing well. Ethan waters the garden every day.

Ethan practiced typing. He got a 95% accuracy score. Pretty good!

He worked on learning some French with Babbel.

He then worked on solving the area of a triangle. He watched some videos and did some research using his math books. We talked about how Ethan is now doing Grade 6 and 7 level math on a few different topics.

He really enjoys the challenge and we think that he’s able to solve harder problems because of knowledge gained in other areas.

We talked about how it’s important to learn about a wide variety of topics because there is often some crossover in terms of knowledge and increased creativity in solving problems.

We also talked about how quickly Ethan has progressed in Prodigy because he’s able to try harder topics, even though we have a one hour per week time limit for Prodigy.

Worked on solving the area of a triangle with mom.

Checked out some coding in scratch for inspiration for his ninja game.

Ethan spent the rest of the night reading more of “The BFG” before going to bed.

May 28

Typing, Babbel, and jogging are currently the three main activities Ethan has been doing. Having the fitness tracker has provided some extra motivation. Today’s step goal was 8,408, a number that changes according to your previous day’s activity level.

Getting set to jog.

Back from a jog to water the plants and seeds.

We synced Ethan’s fitness tracker with its app. Ethan racked up 10,101 steps, well above the target of 8,110.

He loves these treehouse books.

He worked on a story from Classroom Ready Science News about bionics and how they can be used to help people.

Learned about L’Anse aux Meadows, the Viking settlement in New Foundland and Labrador that we thought about visiting but didn’t. It was just too far.

Some violin practice.

Tried using a metronome app to practice with.

Ethan figured out that you can hear the ice cracking as it melts.he tested it!

Practicing percent problems on Khan Academy.

And percent word problems.

Almost done rereading “The BFG.”

Writing some facts down about “The 39-Story Treehouse.”

Wrote another story about exponents.

Did some coding in scratch. In this one, he modified some game elements.

After working on Scratch, he went back to reading “The 39-Story Treehouse” and noticed that the authors have websites.

So he visited the website and was excited to learn that “The 91-Story Treehouse” would be released in the future.

After dinner, we played tennis and Ethan did some running afterward to hit his daily step goal.

Ethan has to check our neighbour’s mail while she’s on holiday.

We came home and Ethan saw how bright the moon looked. you kind of have to look for it though!

Finally, we went over the day’s work before going to bed.

May 29

Ethan picked a very unique flower for Dong Eun today while out jogging.

Read “The 65-Story Treehouse” today.

Worked on an article from Canadian Reader about Julie Payette.

Learned about how to calculate the volume of cylinders.

Practiced violin.

We borrowed a variety of books from the library this week. We decided to borrow books that are somehow outside of what Ethan’s interests are, but that is still somewhat relevant.

Time for taekwondo and violin class. Ethan’s been listening to podcasts again, in particular, “Wow in the World” and “Brains On Science.”

Here’s one of those books we borrowed that we hope will spark interest in other areas or help his creativity and problem-solving in the areas he’s interested in.

This is a book about how your brain works.

Played tennis together.

We read “The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood,” before going to bed tonight.

Ethan read and went over comprehension questions about Julie Payette in Canadian Reader.

May 30

After spending the day at nature school, the first thing Ethan did when he got home was read about coding in Scratch.

He demonstrated the bow he made in nature school.

He then wrote a blog post.

This book, “What If?” is one of the books we got him recently to expand his thinking and knowledge. He loved this book because it had a lot of stories related to science and math.

For example, this question about what would happen if a baseball were pitched at 90 percent the speed of light was fascinating to Ethan. He shared it with us by reading this section out loud, which he happily did.

Here’s another question in the book and this one is about the longest sunset you can experience.

He then worked on measuring angles, but since there weren’t any worksheets, he created his own in Apple Pages.

Afterwards, he again read “What If?” and told us about the type of laser pointer we would need if we wanted to illuminate the moon. We learned that with enough power and enough lasers, we could literally push the moon away and out of orbit with the earth.oops…(you need 500 terawatt lasers!)

May 31

End of May. Start it with reading more about “what if?” scenarios.

Practiced violin.

After swimming lessons, we stayed at the library to read. This is Ethan’s time to catch up on comic books, like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

At home, Ethan worked on a Canadian Reader article about hurricanes.

He’s definitely getting better at writing but needs to pay attention to using complete sentences. Sometimes, he’s not sure how to start the sentence so we’re going to work on that together.

After working on the hurricanes article, Ethan switched gears and did some math. Specifically, he learned about complementary, supplementary and congruent angles.

He wanted to practice figuring out missing angles WITH ANSWERS but couldn’t find a worksheet, so he made his own to practice with using Pages on his MacBook.

He also practiced converting between miles, yards, and feet.

Taekwondo class.

For dinner, we had an authentic Mexican meal at our friend’s place. The father is a Mexican chef and he prepared an amazing soup for us. The kids had pasta 🙂

June 1

Friday morning started with reading about coding in Python.

Ethan then practiced the violin.

He practiced metric unit conversions and calculating angles.

Typing practice time.

He made a couple of impossible triangles.

We went up to our neighbours to water the plants and check the mail.

Kal and his little brother, Victor, came over. Ethan brought out the Lego instruction books because Victor loves looking through them.

Next, the made stick bombs.

Ethan’s friends stayed for dinner.

After dinner, Ethan worked on some math word problems.

He learned some more about exponents on Khan Academy to wrap up the night.

In this first part of the lesson, they talked about what would happen if you placed a grain of rice on the first square on the top left and doubled the amount of rice on subsequent squares.

And he wrote about what he learned in that Khan Academy lesson on exponents.


June 2

Ethan’s cousins were coming over for brunch today and one of the girl’s birthdays is coming up so Ethan made her a card.

Ethan then went to work on making stick bombs, something he would be doing a lot of today.

This particular stick bomb is a combination of three stick bombs.

The finished intertwined stick bombs.

At brunch, Ethan helped make the waffles and serve them.

After brunch, Ethan and his cousins spent the day together.

They worked on some math problems that Ethan made for his cousins to try and solve.

They made slime…LOTS of slime. They used pastel clay and water to make it.

Checking how stretchy the slime was.

Ethan twisted the slime around a straw. It was like a noodle.

He made a slime glove!

And they added color to the slime.

Kal came over to join in and they stretched the slime which accidently went on Ethan’s legs. It also got all over Ethan’s rug. Yikes!

But no biggie because they cleaned it all up after.

And they went back to making stick bombs. Lots of them.

After playing outside for about an hour, the kids made their own pizza for dinner. Cecilia, the oldest cousin, helped make the dough.

The kids got to shape the dough into whatever shape they wanted, which made it all the more fun.

More stick bombs while waiting for the pizzas to bake.

Pizza time!

After everyone went home, Ethan and I checked over some work Ethan had done previously. The worksheet about Julie Payette was challenging because it was about making an inference from the article.

Ethan actually wrote a very creative and fun answer, but since it didn’t answer what was asked, he rewrote it.

He also learned how to search for synonyms and antonyms online, as he has had trouble figuring what those things were.

Dong Eun wanted us as a family to be better at tidying up and decided to make a fantastic set of family rules. Most of the rules have to do with how we treat each other, how we treat others and how we think and react. Gratitude is one of the rules. Nice.

Ethan and I added some additional points we thought were important. This was a great thing that Dong Eun did, as it’s a way to positively approach to working on how we behave and think.

Ethan also drew some cute pictures to represent our family.

Done! Another busy week. I don’t think I even mentioned how often we played tennis this week. We probably played about three or four times but I think I only mentioned playing tennis once or twice.

Anyway, we love how we can spend so much time together. It’s given us all the opportunity to grow closer and grow together.

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