End of November already! Here’s what happened in Ethan’s unschooling journey during this last week of November 2019.

One thing we didn’t take many photos of this week is Ethan practicing violin. He enjoys playing violin and practices every day. When he’s done his daily learning tasks, he often spends the day on creative projects or additional learning, especially when it comes to math or science.

November 24

November 25

November 26

Ethan made a video about Conway’s Game of Life to explain what it is…

November 27

From Mikaela, one of the teachers at Soaring Eagle Nature School:

Mink’s group had Craig as a sub instructor! They decided that Eagle Island would be a good place to go to do some carving, but when they got there it was already occupied. So further along the trail they went, looking for spots that might be warmer. One was spotted at the north end and it turned out to be just right, at the edge of shallow water in lots of sun. Craig brought materials for carving and they learned and practiced sharpening their blade on Craig’s oil stone. After spotting a hook and line, they used a magnet to fish out more interesting metal things from the murk of the water. Lunch and Hemlock tea (which they had harvested) followed before ninja training! They tested their ninja moves by going over, under, and through a web of ropes that was woven through the trees before it was time to head to the big group.

November 28

November 29

November 30

Ethan had another busy week of learning and discovering. He usually starts his day with learning and continues until he has to go to bed.

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