Here’s what happened with Ethan this past week.

Note to Natasha from Dong Eun:

We appreciate all the links and thoughtfulness in providing resources to Ethan. We check all the things you send over the course of the week as they are really helpful. The resources help Ethan expand his knowledge and curiosity as he explores new things that he may not have thought or knew about.

October 6

in this blog post, Ethan is taking over. and maybe some more.

From Dong Eun:

Thanks to Natasha for the links to the dry ice experiments. Ethan really enjoyed the experiments and plans on doing an experiment every time we get dry ice.

He also really enjoyed the link to the article about the optical illusion on the side of a building: Optical Illusion

October 7

he also went for taekwondo and violin practice today.

October 8

he also went out and played with friends today!

October 9

This is from Mink, his nature school teacher:

Taking advantage of the surprisingly sunny weather, the Wednesday North Van group made the short trek down to a nice open field in the morning. A big game of wolf ball was enjoyed by many, while others practice crushing stones to make rock paint, and rolling rocks Down hills within some safe parameters. Afterwards, everyone came together for an exciting story about the lives of Rick and Tom Brown learning scout skills under the tutelage of an Lipon Apache elder named Stalking Wolf. A new instructor who will be taking Devon’s group for the month of October was also welcomed into the fold. The team is excited to have Craig joining them for a time!

Mink’s group opted to hang around in the big open field with Scott’s group. Finally it was time to play a game that Mink has been keeping in her back pocket for weeks. This team building game involved four teams and four different coloured pool noodles to be used as swords. Teams had to direct their warrior (who was blindfolded) to pick up the right coloured sword and hit other teams warriors with it. The problem is that only one person could see, and only one person could speak! This hilarious game of broken telephone lasted for about an hour and a half. Tales of the glories of battle re-counted over a relaxing lunch as everyone soaked up the sun. After lunch, Mink’s group separated to work on a couple of crafts. Bow drills were brought out, and everyone started working on a small elderberry container, to be finished next week!

October 10

Here is the video he made about pi versus tau:

From Dong Eun:

Normally, when Ethan makes his videos he doesn’t prepare in advance. He knows what the topic is that he wants to talk about and just says what’s in his head. However, for the pi versus tau video, he felt that the subject was more complicated so he wrote a script.

October 11

October 12

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