Ethan was away for the entire month of September. He was in S. Korea with Dong Eun to visit family and friends. I stayed home so it was a little challenging to keep up with the posting.

But now they’re home and it was a busy week adjusting to the time difference and getting back into Ethan’s activities. Here’s what happened… 

Sept. 30

Living in Canada means less opportunity to hear and speak Korean, but this past month has been a sort of refresher course for Ethan. Whereas he would often speak in English to Dong Eun, it was very obvious that he his time in Korea helped him get comfortable with speaking to her in Korean.

Here, he’s practicing some writing in Korean while enjoying a tasty snack.

Oct. 1

Last day in Korea before heading home to Canada was spent meeting up with some of the other moms from Ethan’s community school.

Ethan brought some cubes to play with while on the way to meet the moms.

Ethan practiced solving and making patterns on different cubes using an app. He rekindled his love of cubing while in Korea, especially since he got some new cubes from his auntie.

While having a Facetime call, Ethan demonstrated a chess app that randomly chooses pieces so players can practice in a more challenging way. Notice how many of each there are to start the match.

It’s not the cubing while eating that’s interesting, but it’s the place. South Korea is famous for fried chicken and this was our favourite place, a small restaurant run by an older lady who has been making amazing fried chicken for probably 20 years. Ethan was lucky enough to have some considering Dong Eun or her sister don’t eat meat!

Oct. 2

Time to come home! A month went by a lot quicker than expected and it was time to come home. One cool thing about flying back to Canada is that the left Tuesday afternoon Seoul time and arrived Tuesday morning Vancouver time.

One last photo with Auntie Da Young. She was there when Ethan was born and has been an amazing auntie ever since. Ethan and she have such a great relationship.

Home! With presents!

Ethan was quite happy to be home and play with his cube collection.

He even made a new video to showcase his updated cube collection.

Doing some video editing before posting to YouTube.

Here’s the finished video…

Made a happy face pattern with his new 6×6 cube.

He also did some multiplication to figure out… something! I’ll find out from Ethan and update the post.

UPDATE: Ethan told me that this is the number of hours and minutes (he knows the math is wrong on the minutes) that he has for his own time, to do what he wants. So it’s 24 hours times 6 days, then how many minutes. This came about because, during their time in Korea, Dong Eun set the majority of their schedule. So now that they’re home, Ethan wanted to set the schedule.

We celebrated Ethan and Dong Eun coming home with a nice meal and a yummy vegan chocolate cake for dessert. So happy to have them both home!

Oct. 3

Second day back home and off to his first day of Soaring Eagle Nature School. Ethan packed up his own things and was pretty excited about going and seeing some friends.

Ethan had been wearing shorts and a t-shirt for most of September while in S. Korea. Little colder here.

Circle time to end the day at nature school.

Back home, Ethan wanted some ramen noodles so he made them himself while reading.

Ethan also has a job to do this week, as our neighbour Jane has asked Ethan to check her mail and water her plants while she’s away.

And something we haven’t done in over a month… pool!

Ethan made a video about possible combinations with different cubes. He played around with speeding up the video because he wanted to show what he was doing a bit more quickly. He wanted to record a voiceover but in the end, decided it was better to just upload the sped up video.

One thing that Dong Eun discussed with me is having Ethan read classic novels and do some writing or research about those books. We’re just starting this so we have to see how it goes.

Oct. 4

Ethan made a video about how to make an origami golden snitch like the ones used in the Harry Potter books.

First day back at taekwondo class. Mostly new kids but one of his friends from his previous taekwondo class was in this class.

Back at home, Ethan was very interested in estimating the square root of different numbers.

He wrote out his estimations until he found a number that was close to the number he was trying to find the square root for.

He then challenged himself to find the square root so that there were as many zeros as possible after the decimal point. He did this for several other numbers.

Another video that Ethan made about solving a Rubik’s Cube…

Finally, to wrap up the night, we did some Mad Libs. This was more fun than I expected.

It’s a great game to practice and learn about different types of words.

Oct. 5

Ethan started learning how to use Videoscribe to make videos with. This was a story about a character wanting to find his mother.

Some time outside.

Ethan started working on Canadian Reader stories and articles from Classroom Ready Science News again. We’ll also be looking at other subscriptions in the SelfDesign library for additional learning resources.

One thing that was apparent from this first day of writing is his use of complete sentences! Yay!

We also decided it would be a good idea to spend more time with each story or article, rather than finish one set of exercises related to a specific story and then move on. We’d like Ethan to deepen his learning by exploring the topics in greater details.

He learned about geometry from his math book and a video online.

He hasn’t practiced violin in over a month but he seemed to pick it up quickly.

Ethan has also joined the West Vancouver Youth Band Society and will be in the Debut Strings orchestra. We wanted Ethan to join because his violin teacher is leading the orchestra and she encouraged us to have him join.

Oct. 6

Little did we know this day would turn out to be a shopping day! It started with having dim sum for the first time in over a month.

Then it was clothes shopping for Ethan to find some warm and waterproof things for nature school.

Reading break while mom shops.

It doesn’t look like it but this dinner was after almost 5 hours of shopping. Great job, Ethan!

This upcoming week we’ll try implementing some of the ideas mentioned, such as going deeper into aricles and stories. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!


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