First week of September and we’re up and running with unschooling for Grade 6. This was an interesting week because there were murmurs of wanting to go back to brick and mortar school!

We’ve always said to Ethan that if he ever wanted to go back to regular school, he could. That was a topic of discussion this week while we were talking about behaviour and attitude.

Ethan has been working on using words to express himself when he doesn’t like or want to do something. He’s also working on explaining himself better to help others understand a situation more clearly.

For example, when I come home and ask him about something he did earlier, he’ll sometimes answer without providing much detail or context so I’m not really sure what he did.

During a talk this past week about his reaction to things, listening when someone is speaking to him and using his words to better express his feelings, he revealed that he wouldn’t mind going back to regular school.

When we asked him why, he said that he finds planning his day and searching for material to learn from really hard to do. He said that in school, the teacher plans everything and that he would only need to do the work.

He also mentioned that he could learn new things that he may not find on his own.

However, for this year Ethan is going to focus on SAT prep and using Khan Academy’s SAT prep materials. That means he has a “curriculum” laid out and he only needs to do the work. We’ll see how it goes but we’ll need to talk more about how he’s feeling.

One thing he mentioned was that if he went back to school and didn’t like it after a few months, he would want to switch back to unschooling. We said that he would have to commit to school and couldn’t just change whenever he felt like it. Of course, if he was absolutely miserable, we’d let him come back but we also feel that he’s only talking about school because he was worried about having to find his own learning materials each day.

Overall, he loves learning from home and being able to explore his interests so we’re curious to see if he would really want to go back to school. We’ll support him if that’s what he wants but we’ll see.

Here’s what happened the rest of the week…

September 1

September 2

September 3

September 4

September 5

September 6

September 7

And that was Ethan’s first official week back to unschooling.

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