This past week we ran into one of Ethan’s old classmates from elementary school while at the grocery store. The boy’s mother was quite interested in what Ethan is doing because she wasn’t aware that a self-directed learning option was available for children.

We hope that this unschooling blog provides some insight into one way of implementing unschooling and self-directed learning.

September 29

Ethan started a creative writing class today at the community centre. He wasn’t too interested in going but ended up really enjoying the class. They worked on developing a character today.

September 30

Ethan had violin class and taekwondo class today, too.

October 1

Here’s a link to the video about the cannonball pulsar on his YouTube channel:

October 2

Ethan had nature school today. Here’s what his teacher, Mink, wrote about the day:

Our crew kicked off the day by journeying to a large field downhill of the sign in spot to play a very special game. We were greeted there by none other than the great wizard Dumbledor himself, who welcomed us all to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Scott took the mic from there, and explained a super fun game called “forest quidditch” that involves several different types of balls and 4 teams! Afterwards, our instructors performed some knife safety skits which were simultaneously hilarious and harrowing. Many lessons were learned the hard way through these skits, and in the end we are all glad that Mikaela is still alive.

After knife skits, all of the groups went in different directions in search of good places to practice their carving skills. Mink’s group headed into the first and focused on carving their bow-drill kits. A few kids even finished their kits and started to use them! They enjoyed having a potential new group member with them. At the end of the day, they headed back out to the field for a very captivating game of “Icky Stick.”

October 3

October 4

October 5

In the morning, Ethan had his symphony class and his second swimming lesson of the week. He said that the extra swimming lesson has helped his progress in the class.

Ethan made a video about the end of the universe. He summarized things that he learned from other sources to create this video:

And that was Ethan’s week!

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