Here we go with this week’s unschooling. Ethan had a full schedule as all his activities started this week.

September 8

September 9

September 10

September 11

Report from Soaring Eagle Nature School about Ethan’s group:

Mink’s group busted out of basecamp like a pack of wolves and gathered atop a peak on the east side of the lake to practice some forest skills. The first challenge was to test their tracking skills through the “art of questioning”. A seemingly simple object was passed around many times, and the goal was to always ask new questions about it. Mink feels they could use some work in this area. That said, she was quickly impressed by their mastery of the “fox walk”. A good grasp of the foundational skill allowed the group to dive deeper into the skill through various exercises and sneaking games. If you want to see the types of games Mink’s group plays, you’ll have to sneak up on them! They talked about “baseline” and as they did so, watched the bird activity and animal life slowly return to the area. The return of forest baseline brought with it a mysterious woodpecker, and the group spotted a Stellar’s Jay making a strange alarm as a Douglas Squirrel approached. A the end of the day, the students had to earn their nature names through a group challenge which put their team-building skills to the test.

September 12 – Morning Jog

September 12 – At Home

He spent the evening listening to The Alchemist audiobook with Dong Eun before going to bed.

September 13

September 14

That was a very busy week of unschooling for Ethan but he seemed to really enjoy it. He ended most nights listening to The Alchemist with Dong Eun so he also quite enjoyed that. Although it can sometimes be challenging for Ethan to find his study materials, what he finds he enjoys for the most part.

So let’s see what he does next week.

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