It looks like we will take a longer rest here in DC than expected. Fortunately, Juju Jr. is back on the road and ready to start the journey out West. For us, we need at least another day to rest up.


The day started with a buffet breakfast here at the Marriott Residence Inn Capital View.

After breakfast, we heard from Felipe at Alexandria VW… He told me that Juju Jr. started up fine and was ready to continue the road trip. This was exciting news, even though we’ve been enjoying the hotel, because it’s time to keep going.

Thanksgiving Dinner?

We had a decision to make: Pick up Juju Jr. and leave or accept Charles’ Thanksgiving dinner invitation. We decided to accept the invitation and experience our first US Thanksgiving with good friends, rather than drive with all the people on the freeway heading somewhere for the holiday. We’re all excited to see Charles and his family again and enjoy a nice dinner.

Chilling out

Ethan spent the rest of the day working on his new websites. He’s been using Wix to build the sites and has been learning a lot about design, layout and publishing a website.

Dong Eun spent the day resting and catching up on movies she hasn’t had a chance to see. And I worked on this blog, work projects and caught some movies, too. All in all, it was a great day to relax for all of us.

Before we had the coil issue with Juju Jr., Ethan had made a DIY hand warmer out of a plastic cup. He cut slits in the cup for vents. You hold the cup over your mouth and gently blow while your hands cover the vents. It’s also a frisbee if you compress it, like in the first photo below.

Tomorrow, we check out and will try to visit the Museum of Natural History again before going to Charles and Dena’s for Thanksgiving. Can’t wait!