This week was pretty exciting. For example, on Thursday, I decided that instead of studying at home, I would go out to the library to study because I thought it might be fun. I also made a 3D game engine in Scratch, and I worked on some code for a data pack for Minecraft! Other than that, I did a lot of world history and health study in Khan Academy, and I did a lot of Duolingo Spanish as well.

I forgot to mention this last week, but I helped lead a movie night for Taekwondo! It was actually pretty fun (because I got to supervise a bunch of little kids) but was really tiring (because I got to supervise a bunch of little kids). At the beginning, we played group games with all the little kids, and then the leaders (including me) went to get the pizza (so I got free pizza). A lot of the kids don’t like sitting still, though, so they ran around a lot instead of watching the movie (the movie wasn’t that fun) and played tag and hide-and-seek. A few of the kids even asked me for piggy back rides LOL. Overall, it was really tiring but fun at the same time, and I would probably do it again.

I did some Duolingo Spanish this week. It was pretty fun because Duolingo really helps you learn a new word and practice that new word while still not letting you forget the old words. For example, this week I learned that carro means car, and museos means museum!
I learned about the nervous system on Khan Academy and on Crash Course on YouTube. I learned about the nervous system because I think I haven’t been learning much about the human body while I was homeschooling, and I think it’s important to learn about the human body. I learned about the central nervous system and how it detects and sends signals, and I learned about neurons.
I learned about Ancient Persia, Ancient Greece, and the Aztecs in Khan Academy World History. I learned about how the Aztecs were almost all warriors and how they built these giant temples.
I learned about Python programming on Brilliant, because I like to code and the course looked interesting. I learned about if/else conditions, loops, and arrays.
I made a 3D raycasting environment in Scratch! I made this because I wanted to know what it would take to make a 3D game in Scratch, and it turns out it’s not that hard! Recasting is the act of shooting out a beam or ray from your player character and seeing where it lands. And then you find the distance from you to the ray and then draw the height of the wall based on the distance to the player.
I did some HTML coding on FreeCodeCamp because I want to learn about how to make websites. I’ve learned how to style the webpages, and add buttons, and add coloured buttons, and animated buttons, and lots of button stuff.
And finally, I worked on a Mod/Data pack for Minecraft. I’m making the data pack be an annoying one (LOL) because I want to try beating the game with it and I want to see other people try and beat it. I think that making a data pack for Minecraft isn’t that hard, it’s just that setting it up takes a lot of work.
LC Response

Hi Ethan,

I love studying at the library! That was a great idea to try, and I hope you enjoyed the experience. You did a lot of interesting things this week — I love that you’re re-finding biology as an interest to pursue, and that you’re building so many skills in ongoing interests like coding for games, and that you’re continuing to build your understanding of general history.

What a fun experience at the taekwondo movie night! The kids must really like you if they’re so social with you and asking you for piggy backs. I’m glad you had the opportunity to help out with the event, and I hope you got lots of rest afterwards.

Thank you for your Observing for Learning. I’m working on Year End Summaries this week and am writing a short response.