(yes i know i forgor last week dont judge me ok)

This week was not that eventful like every week so far, but this week I went to a science test for NVOL, so there is that. I also did quite a lot of coding, and I started learning a new coding language: Python! Other than that, I worked on the usual math, science, and IXL language arts.

I worked on an assignment for NVOL science where you write about how you think you’ve been doing over the school year.
Over the weekend, I figured out how to livestream with Streamlabs OBS! So now I can actually do live videos. I’m planning one at 1000 subscribers. (Maybe 900?)
I learned about the Fermat primality test, and…
I learned about how to calculate primes! I wanted to see how long it would take to calculate a certain number of primes, so I just let it run for a while. Now I know that:
Calculating 1 million primes: 2.2 seconds
10 million: 50 secs
100 million: 30 mins
1 billion: 10.5 hours
And now I’m running 10 billion. It’s taken about 3 days, and it’s about 25% done. I’ll update you when it’s done lol
Update: it’s been 4.5 days. 37% done 🙂

I learned about light on Khan Academy…
Because I went and did the NVOL quiz on light and physics! Unfortunately, I got only 75%, so I know I need to study harder next time.
I learned about the Geosphere on Khan Academy science because I wanted to know what people study in school.
I did some more IXL English!
I did some Duolingo Spanish, and I think it’s really helping! I’ve learned probably over 150 words by now, including “desayune” meaning “breakfast”, and “misma” meaning “same.”
I did some “perplexing probability” on Brilliant.
And finally, I did some coding! But before that, I tried speedrunning a scratch game by Griffpatch, which was quite fun, and I got a time of 1:15’30, which is quite good. I want to get a time of under a minute though. Find my attempt here: https://youtu.be/mvzeE4mpVS0
And finally, I learned about how to raycast in Scratch! Raycasting means that you can render 3D scenes, and that is what I did! Find my project here: https://turbowarp.org/686838358

Hi Ethan,

The core competency exercise that you did in Science is similar to what we did for the Fall and Spring Connections. Did you find it helpful to think about what you’ve learned?

Learning how to do livestreams sounds very useful and finding primes sounds like fun:) Did you enjoy doing the probability?

Sounds like you are coming along great with Spanish. Do you ever listen to anything else in Spanish – something on YouTube or music maybe so that your ear gets more used to it?

Griffpatch Speedrun looks like fun.

It is a Pro D week for me this week so my response is short.

Thank you for this Observing for Learning.