This week, I made a video about a game that I made on Scratch! I also kept coding in Unity, a software for making 2D and 3D games really easily! I also went to my violin, swimming, and Taekwondo classes, and I went to nature school on Wednesday!

From Mink, my nature school teacher:

The Great Blue Herons had a great time playing Shrew Ball in the forest with Kat and Luisa’s group, as well as hearing Kat’s beautiful retelling of the douglas fir cone story. In the afternoon, we enjoyed some less structure free play, allowing the forest to guide our inspiration and curiosity. Some kids worked on their forest forts while others invented some new tag games using bandanas. As a group, we started building what will soon be a “Jedi Training Arena”. The main feature of this area is two large crossed logs which are used for practicing balancing, and playing a particularly epic balancing game called “Forest Ninja Ghost Pinata” which Mink learned out East. We did the difficult work of sawing through some large fallen logs and worked as a team to carry and move the logs into place. This required the highest degree of communication, as the logs were quite heavy and we didn’t want anyone to get a crushed toe! Once the logs were nearly in place, Mink used her hatchet to cut notches in the center of each so that they fit together log-cabin style and will not teeter or roll. There is still a few weeks worth of work ahead of us to finish this arena and the supplies we need in order to play the game, but we are all excited about the games that will ensure once it’s finished!