This week, I continued my swimming, violin, and taekwondo classes. I started my orchestra classes, and I started going to nature school! I also did two essays, one about the mandelbrot set, and another about the butterfly effect. These days, I’m learning to use Javascript and Java, instead of Scratch.

LC Short Response

Thank you so much Ethan and Carl for these comments, insights and reflections.

It really helps to have your perspective included in the Winter Reflections process. 

They will be posted by February 7th in the Seasonal Connections tab and I will also email you a PDF copy. 

Week 19 and 20 are regular Observing for Learning reflections. 

Hope you had a great weekend. 


Winter Connection Contribution 

Winter Reflection Questions’: Feel free to type directly into the text box, you or Ethan can contribute here

Please Answer these two questions for me to add to the Winter Connections

Please list 2-4 things which Ethan will be doing this spring

Nature school, violin lessons, taekwondo lessons, swimming lessons, writing, coding, calculus and physics.

Any specific ways I can support Ethan’s Learning as his LC? 

We’ve enjoyed what you’ve been doing in the weekly feedback. The questions have been helpful for Ethan. We like that you suggest something based on what Ethan has been learning to help him deepen his learning or see things in a new way.

What plans do you have for Ethan’s LRS budget this winter/spring? 

We’d like to use the LRS budget for Ethan’s violin lessons. 


Please answer as many of the questions below as you feel able to comment on. Answers can be added directly to this content block. 

  • What was a new discovery made this fall?
    • Ethan wanted a piano for his birthday last September. He has wanted a piano for a few years and once he got it, he discovered that he really enjoyed playing it and learning how to play on his own by taking online piano lessons.
  • What achievement are you most proud of this fall?
    • There are three achievements:
      • The achievement Ethan and us are most proud of has been the huge improvement in Ethan’s writing. He writes regularly and enthusiastically about things he’s learning about each week.
      • The second has been the improvement in his violin playing, especially after moving up to a full size violin.
      • And the third has been his consistency in getting regular exercise. He often goes jogging or walking for about 3km each day, as well as taking swimming lessons and taekwondo class. The Apple Watch he received for Christmas has helped to motivate him even more to exercise.
  • Tell me about a new habit or routine you created in relation to Ethan’s learning experiences, and how you observed it’s impact on him.
    • Ethan started using a notebook to make a daily task list. This has helped him to focus on what he needs to do each day and not forget something. Another new habit is that Ethan is cleaning up after himself after learning or doing something; and he has been much better about turning off the light in his room, rather than leaving it on all day, even when he’s not in his room. 
  • What challenge did Ethan face head on this fall? How has he grown as a result?
    • The biggest challenge Ethan faced was that he seemed to rush through things, especially things he didn’t enjoy like history or writing, just to get them done. Eventually, he found a way to enjoy those topics/tasks. The growth we’ve seen has been in his belief in himself that he can find enjoyment in learning subjects he didn’t previously enjoy.
  • Where did you observe Ethan asking for help this fall?
  • Tell me about a relationship that grew for Ethan this fall, and in which ways it evolved.
    • Ethan started a book club and has made new friends. Typically, Ethan has spent time with existing friends so for him to make new friends who are also in SelfDesign has been nice to see.
  • Who would you thank for the role they played in Ethan’s life this fall, and what are you most grateful for about them?
    • We would like to thank Genevieve, Ethan’s violin teacher. We are grateful for how she has been able to connect with Ethan, to encourage him and to help him to enjoy learning and playing the violin.
  • Where have you seen Ethan’s self-perception change this fall?
    • The biggest change in Ethan’s self-perception has been in his attitude towards writing. He has really taken off in terms of how well he writes and how often, especially because he is writing as a way of expressing himself and what he’s learned, not because of a demand to write.
  • Tell me about two simple pleasures you witnessed Ethan enjoying this fall.
    • Two simple pleasures we witnessed were playing board games with us as a family and learning to play Go.
  • What goals does Ethan have for this winter/spring?
    • To learn more calculus.
    • To find a way to make learning history fun.
    • To get 300 subscribers on his YouTube channel.
    • To code in JavaScript without using a tutorial.
Winter Connection Contribution for Ethan

This is a reflection for Ethan to fill out if he wants to contribute more: 

I feel good about trying new things, such as writing, learning more math and coding. I especially feel good about completing my daily exercise goals since I got an Apple Watch.

I used to complain about having to do subjects I don’t like, skip them or finish them quickly and now I know those subjects are important and there’s a way to make them more fun so I’m doing them.

Two things I will remember learning so far this year are: 1. Learning about the golden ratio; 2. Learning new things in coding and learning different coding languages.

A strategy that really helped me learn better is setting a time for the things I want to do more, such as playing games, so that I don’t rush my studying to get to those things.

If I could do something again differently, I would have made more videos because I want to increase my subscribers on my YouTube channel.

One thing I really want to learn is more calculus.