This week, I did a LOT of coding! I also kept doing my swimming, violin, and taekwondo classes. I also went to nature school this week. I learned about the product rule in calculus, and I’m planning on making a video! The hockey games started (yaaaay!), and so my dad and I watched.

Here is me going to nature school. I made a marble track made of bark and wood, and used marbles that my teacher brought. Story from nature school: Mink was excited to have all of her group members present for the first time in weeks, and we took this opportunity to focus on group team-building and problem-solving for the day. We revisited our group flag and the final group member had a chance to add their name, after which point we added fun decorations and pictures to our creation!
Upon arriving at toadstool ridge, everyone was excited about a spontaneous bout of shelter building! We did this for a while, and kept the natural building energy going through a team building activity that we did for most of the afternoon. Mink separated the group into three sub groups, and each group had a goal of creating a track, or course, which had to to roll a ball from the top of toadstool Ridge down to a specific point in the bottom. We learned a lot about surface tension, as our balls inevitably got stuck in the rough terrain. Harvesting a large sheets of curved bark off of fallen hemlocks proved to be instrumental in making our tracks work. All of the tracks crossed each-other at different times, which meant some of us had to build highways or jumps that went over each other’s tracks in order for all the groups to succeed. While we didn’t exactly finish this challenge, it was a great exercise in communication and teambuilding (sic), as well as working around each other and with each other to reach a common goal. Overall, it was a super fun day and we definitely made the most of the fantastic weather!
I watched a webinar on SelfDesign about coding. It wasn’t that interesting, as they just kept talking about things I already know about, like if-else statements. They also talked about the history of coding, which (surprise!) I already knew about too. But, the class helped me think about the things that people are developing right now, such as self driving cars and robots.