This week was the last week of spring break, and as always, I was busy. I worked on a lot of coding this week, but I tried to focus on doing more JavaScript and HTML, because I’m taking a course on HTML and JavaScript and it’s nice to have a challenge. I also did a lot of IXL over the break, because I’m getting ready for a quiz for NVOL math, and I need to learn a bit of language arts. I also did a lot of Duolingo over the holiday, because I think learning Spanish is fun.

This spring break, I”ve been taking a course from FreeCodeCamp about learning HTML and Javascript. I think I learned a lot and the course was very informative, and I think the course helped me a lot.
Here is another project I learned how to make from the course.
It’s a button game! Find it here:
All instructions for downloading are in the zip file. It was really fun because I got to write a bunch of funny responses for whenever you pushed the button, but was hard at the same time because I had to write so many responses.
I did quite a lot of Brilliant this week! I learned about lots of stuff. I did this course about logic.
I did IXL math and English.
I did this because I think I’m liking some language arts skills, and I’m preparing for the final test for NVOL Math 8. I got 100% on almost all the quizzes. I did a few different quizzes, one of which was percentages. I want to take the final exam after spring break.
And finally, I did a lot of Duolingo, learning about Spanish. It’s really fun because Duolingo helps with pronunciation and explains and teaches you in a fun way. I’ve. learned about 93 words in Spanish now.

LC Response

I hope you had a great spring break! Thank you for your Observing for Learnings Ethan. I’m responding to both your week 26 and 27 here under week 27 since you submitted them on the same day.

It’s exciting you’ve been doing so much Spanish and have learned over 90 words, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the Duolingo program. Have you considered taking a Spanish 9 course at your high school next year? Grade 9 language courses (that aren’t French) don’t assume students have any prior knowledge, but having some Duolingo background would be a great boost going into the class.

You did some good learning about the Ukraine/Russia war with What in the World before spring break. I was able to see a sample of the WitW materials on that a few weeks ago and it looked like a good resource for building background knowledge of the situation and geography. Of course the crisis has progressed since the materials were written and since you did the activity; have you been following it in the news or in another way?

You’re also doing some good learning about the Renaissance and I’m glad you’re enjoying watching lots of videos about it. As you mentioned in the essay portion you shared, along with a resurgence of Ancient-Greek-style art, there was a resurgence in studying Ancient Greek philosophy, and the philosophies and political theories that became popular in the Renaissance (often drawing on Greek ideas) are still very influential in “Western” philosophy and politics and culture today. Though, as articles like this [Slate] point out, it’s a very common, very big mistake for people to think of Renaissance as modern/good and the preceding Middle Ages to be backwards/bad.

I’m glad you’re finding the Javascript and HTML to be a good challenge and the FreeCodeCamp sounds like it was very helpful. You must have had a blast making the “Do Not Click” button game! Did you find the ideas for what funny responses to write flowed more easily when you first started thinking of them and then it got harder to think of new ones, or did they flow more easily after you had already thought of some?

The Brilliant course on logic looks very interesting and I’d love to hear more about what skills you learned that you found valuable. The IXL reading strategies practice also looks very useful and I’d love to hear what you found most valuable for yourself in that too.

Thank you again,