This week was pretty eventful, because I got to take the math final test! I haven’t gotten the score back yet, but I hope I got at least 90%. I also made a coding project (all by myself) for a small currency bot online, and you can earn (fake) money. I did a lot of Duolingo this week for studying Spanish, and I did a lot of IXL as well. For IXL, I did both the IXL math and IXL English. I also did a lot of Brilliant over the week. I made a Scratch platformer, but the cool thing is that the platformer doesn’t use any sprites for the costumes! It’s all drawn by the computer, every frame. But the biggest thing I probably made was my video about how to get started with Minecraft. I made a video covering how to download Minecraft and how to start a successful survival world in Minecraft.

This is my written final test for NVOL Math 8. I don’t know the score yet, but I hope I got at least 90-95%. The test covered subjects like probability and slopes and linear equations.
I made a small bot entirely in JavaScript that can let you earn and sell (fake) money. I’m really proud of it, because I didn’t follow a tutorial. I made it because I wanted to experiment with commands in the console, and it seemed like a fun challenge because I’ve been learning HTML and JavaScript for a few weeks now. The challenging part was trying to access the HTML elements in JavaScript and then editing the HTML with JavaScript. It works by opening the console and then inputting commands to change your amount of money, or balance.
And here it is in action!
I did Duolingo Spanish this week. I’ve learned over 120 words now!
This is my video covering how to download/start off in Minecraft. The video is a little laggy, so I might reupload it with not as much lag in the future. I made this tutorial for those people who want to start playing Minecraft but don’t know where to start.
I did Brilliant every day of the week. I learned about infinity and the paradoxes behind it this week.
I did Grade 8 math from IXL. It’s really helpful, because IXL overs all the subjects needed to move on to Grade 9, and it’s great practice. I worked on all the subjects on the Unit test, such as probability and statistics. I think IXL was very helpful for my final exam, because IXL makes you do all the questions and you can’t make too many mistakes.
I also did over 20 courses on IXL English, because I think I need practice for grade 9, and I haven’t done much ELL while homeschooling. I worked on summarizing short stories, identifying plagiarism, and capitalization.
Finally, I worked on a platformer in Scratch. But this platformer is different in the way that this doesn’t use images, or “sprites”, at all! It uses a tool called pen, and the things on the screen don’t actually move, they just are drawn onto the screen so fast you can’t see the images being drawn.

LC note

Thank you for your Observing for Learnings Ethan. I’m responding to your weeks 28 and 29 together under week 29 since you submitted them back to back.