This week, I worked on a lot of stuff. I studied for the Unit 2 NVOL Science 8 Quiz, and I got a score of 88.0014547%! I also finished my writing about the Renaissance, which was pretty fun because I got to research the Renaissance and watch videos. I also learned about earth tectonics, because that was part of Unit 4 grade 8 NVOL Science. I also did some WITW (What in the World) about the Russia and Ukraine situation because that’s a big deal these days. And I did Duolingo every day of the week.

I did the Science 8 NVOL quiz for Unit 2, and I got 88% (3 questions wrong). I think I could have improved my score a little by studying the material of the course a bit more in-depth. The topic of this unit was chemistry and atoms.
I wrote about the Renaissance, which was fun because I got to watch lots of videos about it! An example of what I learned is that Renaissance art was similar to Greek art.
I worked on my WITW about Russia and Ukraine. I learned about how the Russia-Ukraine situation is getting really bad. For example, I learned about why Putin is attacking Ukraine and the big deal with NATO and Ukraine and the chance that Ukraine will join NATO.
I learned about the earth’s layers (crust, mantle), and I learned about this because it was the subject for Unit 4 NVOL Science 8. I learned about how the plates move around and how they interact with each other.
I did Duolingo every day of the week about Spanish. I learned about how you an say “train” like “tren” so its removing the ai and replacing it with e, and I learned about how to say please (por favor) and thank you (gracias) and a few other things (like excuse me (Discúlpame)).

LC note

Thank you for your Observing for Learnings Ethan. I’m responding to both your week 26 and 27 under week 27 since you submitted them on the same day.