Highlights of the week:

This week, I started working on Brilliant! I also worked on the SIA (Send—In Assignment) for NVOL math, and I also did the science Learning Guide, which was basically a bunch of questions about biology! Other than that, I thought about reopening the book club, but instead of being a book club, it would be a chess club! And I also coded. I worked on a platformer project in Scratch. Also, I helped fix a 12-year-old iMac, which was fun.

I also had in-person violin lessons this week, which still feels new, and it’s much better than online because the teacher can give better feedback and help more. I had orchestra this week as well, which is fun, because I can meet friends there and play violin there. I didn’t have Taekwondo Leadership, and that’s because of Thanksgiving.

I had a SelfDesign Circle meeting this week, and this meeting was about sharing what we’ve been working on these days. I was the first one to share, and I was pretty nervous. But everyone at the class (about 20 people) was super nice, including the “teacher,” and I had basically no trouble at all sharing my Snake game (In JavaScript) and my Mario game (in Scratch). Everyone was impressed, and there were a few questions (how long did it take you to make these games, what are you planning on making next, etc, etc.) but all in all, it was a great experience!

For a few months now, I’ve been taking the photos and writing all this by myself, and afterwards, my dad checks it. This is much harder than just having my dad to do everything, but much better, because I can write my thoughts and stuff better. Also, taking all the photos is fun!

Anyway, here is what I did this week.

I did the Brilliant daily problems! I worked on a few math and science problems. For example, probability, algebra, pattern solving, things like that. It was fun to start up Brilliant again, because it was nice to go to something I recognized.
I worked on a little form about who would like to join my chess club! I used Google Forms to make this little form asking a few questions, like “how good are you at chess,” “what do you want out of this club,” etc. It was great to make this, because I wanted to start book club again, but nobody wanted to. I like chess, so I picked that.
Here is my platformer on Scratch that I’m working on! This week, I added wall jumping! I want to add at least one new feature every two weeks. 🙂
This was a hard but fun feature to add!
I worked on the send-in assignment for NVOL. The SIA is a written quiz that you have to submit (via scanning). It was all not too hard, but I did make a few mistakes along the way and got a few of the questions wrong. 🙂
Some questions were about addition and subtraction, which I breezed through, and some questions were about factoring, which were harder, but I got most of those right. Most of These questions were pretty easy, so the SIA was fun, because I haven’t really been able to do these types of quizzes (where you print them out and send them in) before.
I worked on the NVOL Science Learning Guide, which is a fill-in-the-blanks question sheet about biology. The questions weren’t too hard, because you can just find the answers “sprinkled” throughout the NVOL website. Most of the questions were about cells and how the parts of cells work. These were pretty fun, because it was like a scavenger hunt, where you look for facts on the website and write down what you find on the paper.
I wrote about Trojan asteroids and what they’re about. Basically, Trojan asteroids are asteroids that are ahead and behind of Jupiter by 60 degrees. This was fun to write, because I had to find all the facts and stuff online, and then add my own thoughts and what I know. Find out more, and find my writing here: https://www.howtodostuffwithethan.com/trojan-asteroids/
I got to help replace the hard drive on the 12-year-old iMac that we have. It wasn’t that hard, because all you had to do was unscrew a bunch of things, unplug a bunch of things, remove the insane amount of dust that was inside, remove the hard drive, put the new hard drive in, replug everything, and rescrew everything. This was exciting, because I never did this sort of thing before, and it was a new experience! I got to help with screwing and unplugging stuff!
The computer works!
We can watch stuff on it!
I worked on Classroom Ready Science News about two things this week: coral reefs and how they’re slowly dying because of climate change. I just answered questions about how coral reefs are dying, and how there is this one coral that could help the coral population survive. This was fascinating because I never really learned about coral reefs and corals before. Did you know that corals are not plants, but animals? Anyway…
I also worked on habitable “Goldilocks” planets that have been redefined, making the requirements for life harder. This was pretty interesting because I didn’t know about the redefinition of habitable planets until now!
I also did Canadian Reader about COVID-19 vaccines, and how some people refuse to get the vaccine. All I did was write answers to some questions, but it was pretty fascinating to learn about the reasons why some people wouldn’t want to get the vaccine.
I… got a West Vancouver Taekwondo shirt.
I got the shirt because I’m one of the students of the month! There are three students of the month every month. And I was one of them. 😀
I guess if you try hard, you get to be a student of the month? Anyway, I’m extremely proud to be one of them 🙂
I worked on my violin homework about intervals. This was fun because I knew about intervals before but never had a chance to do questions bout them.
I also got a new keyboard!
Actually, this keyboard was used to start up the old iMac, but I got to use it after we started up the computer.
I like it a lot, because it’s a mechanical keyboard, and mechanical keyboards are cool! I like it because of the satisfying “clicking” sound when you type a key. There are a few things that I don’t like about it, though. One is the fact that the “command” key is in a different spot, because it’s actually a Windows keyboard. Another thing is how the arrow keys are located in a different spot than a Mac keyboard. The last thing is the fact that you have to push down all the way on a key to type it, because if you don’t, you et typos lik thse. But other than that, I like it! I’m typing with it right now! Now I’m not. Now I am! Now I’m not. And now, I am.