This is what happened to Ethan and the stuff he did this past week.

Ethan did a lot of graphing in his math studies this past week. He mentioned that he really enjoys this part of math because he finds it fun to draw the graphs.

October 20

Ethan had his creative writing class today. They worked on creating ads for products but they had to think of new uses for the products.

October 21

In addition to what he did at home, Ethan had taekwondo class and violin class.

October 22

Ethan had mindfulness class today.

October 23

Ethan spent the day at Soaring Eagle Nature School. They went to Maplewood Flats to hear stories from some members of a local indigenous tribe and explore the flats. In the evening, Ethan had taekwondo class.

What happened at Soaring Eagle Nature School today from Mink, Ethan’s teacher:

It was a refreshing change this week to explore the new landscape of Maplewood Flats. The day started with some very enthusiastic games of “Beat MasteR”, (which involved ridiculous dance moves) followed by the even more dramatic “Handshake Murder”. Kids were dropping dead left and right as the mystery murderer moved from subject to subject, giving the dreaded double-squeeze handshake, and the detective stood by trying to figure out who was at fault. Meanwhile, lots of folks got their hands in on making some thoughtful thank-you cards for the presenters.

Ocean and Sinaqwila of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation were our presenters for the morning, sharing many beautiful words and traditions from their culture. After some brief introductions and a story translated from their native language, we split into two groups for a foray into the landscape. Both groups had a chance to spend time with Ocean and Sinaqwila, learning about some of the local medicinal plants and customs of the Tsleil-Waututh. After the guided walks were through, everyone joined back together for lunch and the thankyou cards were delivered.

Ocean and Sinaqwila said their goodbyes and folks returned to their usual groups for the afternoon. Everyone missed Craig, who was too sick to come to program, but it was fun to mix it up by having members of his group join other groups for the day!

Scott’s group invited Musa and Ryland to join their group for the afternoon, and everyone was excited to continue playing “Handshake Murder”. Scott is curious about who can come up with a nature themed version of this game! After this, everyone crowded around a map of the park and Scott gave everyone a challenge to use the map to find the way to a particular spot that he pointed to on it. This brought on a lot of excitment and had everyone working together and moving quickly into the park. The group explored the whole outside of the bird sanctuary and ended up seeing a great blue heron and a bushtit nest! After this everyone found their way back to the parking lot in time for a final game of “Butterfly Catch”.

Mikaela’s group started their afternoon adventure with a map of Maplewood Flats in hand and the goal of reaching an observation platform over West Pond. During their walk, challenges were in place to spot a Bushtit nest (looks like a grey sock), a Pacific Tree Frog (looks like tiny jewels on Blackberry leafs), and as many wooden bird houses as they could! The journey also had them recognizing landmarks and using them to find their location on the map; many shared that, after the day, they now know how to use a map! The group should anticipate some compass and map challenges in the future! On the platform, Mikaela’s group played Icky Stick, which had them jumping over, crouching under and using ninja-like moves to avoid getting touched by the stick held by Mikaela. They were also up for the biggest challenge of Where’s My Pumpkin, which required working together as a team to retrieve a ”pumpkin”. The group was successful at the last minute before needing to return to the big group at the end of the day!

Mink’s group made their way to a nearby clearing to play one of Mink’s all-time favourite games: “Scout Sword”. The game involves a blindfolded ninja bearing a pool noodle, who is surrounded by sneaky scouts, attempting to attach clothespins to their body. The game was played with gusto and tact for many rounds! Afterwards, the Raven’s volunteered to guide Beatrix’s grandmother and little brother to Mikaela’s group, who were located way on the other side of the forest loop! It turned out to be quite a trek, with some cool nature sightings along the way including a great blue heron. Once the delivery was complete, another final round of Scout Sword was played (as promised!). Auden (from Craig’s group) made an excellent and challenging ninja opponent. On the way back, there was a competition to see who could find the BIGGEST big leaf maple leaf, and the smallest cottonwood leaf. It took the group much longer than anticipated to get back, with some complaints of very tired legs which refused to move! The Ravens arrived back late after all, (sorry!) having had a very full and eventful day.

Thanks for another sweet day yall, see you next week!

–Wed North Van Crew

October 24

Today, Ethan had his swimming lesson today. This is the home learners class so there are only 2-3 students. He said he prefers the larger group swimming lesson on Saturday because he feels more motivated with other kids around.

October 25

October 26

Saturday. Ethan had his symphony class in the morning, then his group swimming lesson. In between those classes, we went to the library.