Today, I worked on (and finished) my writing project about star size. I also started the North Vancouver Online School (NVOL) cross-enrollment program, and I started working on my two subjects (math and science). I also did What In The World (WITW) about Afghanistan.

I went to the NVOL website and did Math about number concepts. It was pretty easy because it was talking about prime factorization and things like that.
I worked on my violin homework about Scales.
I worked on my writing project about star size.
I worked on NVOL Science 8 about life.
I did WITW about Afghanistan.

Tuesday – Saturday:

From Tuesday to Saturday, I didn’t really take that many photos, sorry ?. But on Thursday, I FINALLY did MEL Science (explained down below)! I also worked on coding pretty much the entire week. 🙂 Between those days, I got better at doing language arts, because I’m practising with WITW. I learned about how to write better comprehension answers to questions. I think what is challenging about language arts is finding the facts in the article. So I think the solution is just to keep practising doing articles. I want to be able to write clear answers and find the answers in the article easily. Anyway, here is everything I did this week.

Here is MEL science!

I basically wanted to do science experiments at home, so I found two sources. MEL Science and KiwiCo. KiwiCo was okay, but I wanted to do chemistry experiments more than engineering experiments, so I picked MEL Science, which was about chemistry!
So I got to do this affiliate program with them, which is basically when I film myself doing the chemistry experiments and upload the videos to YouTube. Then, I get a special link, and if people click on the link and get the product with a discount (20% off) (because they clicked on MY link), I earn money from it!
This was a really fun experience! I’m working on the video right NOW!
Here is one of the experiments.
Basically, there is a petri dish, and there is a liquid (SnCl2) in the petri dish, and you attach two pieces of metal hooked up to a battery to the sides of the petri dish. The electric signal between the two crocodile clips (red and black) creates lines to run through the tin chloride. And no, those AREN’T cracks, but tin, just like those tin cans.
Here it is after going for a while. Crazy, right?
I started doing the Brilliant daily challenges! This one was about triangles and squares and right triangles.
I worked on my platformer game a bit more! As you can see, the game is much more polished, with slope detection and stuff! Look, even Scratchie’s (that’s the name of the cat) feet are aligning with the ground!
Cool, right?
I learned about Nuclear power…
And I did problems about it on WITW!

And that’s what I did this week! I want to work on finding facts in articles next week, and I want to work on course 2 of NVOL next week as well. I’m looking forward to doing more MEL Chemistry experiments because some experiments looked really cool!

I also went to an in-person violin lesson this week, which was fun, because my teacher was able to play along with me, and play the accompaniment on the piano. I also went to Taekwondo Leadership class, where I worked on developing leadership skills, and helped some “Kids” (“Kids” is in quotes because they were other taekwondo leaders) “Learn” (Again, “Learn” is in quotes because I helped some taekwondo leaders, and they already know everything) their pattern.

I also worked on my taekwondo quiz for my leadership! I got 10/10!!!