Another week of #stayathome and Ethan hasn’t really slowed down. Other than missing nature school and being outside with friends, Ethan has been rolling along with his learning. There have been more online classes available so that’s been a bonus. Here’s what happened…

April 19

April 20

Every Monday and Tuesday, Ethan has been taking violin classes online from his regular teacher.

April 21

Ethan published his tour of the solar system video today.

April 22

April 23

April 24

April 25

This morning, Ethan had his symphony class. They’ve been having classes online. The students are supposed to record themselves playing and the teacher will compile each person’s performance into one piece. Should be fun to hear it!

Ethan had another busy week. It’s definitely not easy being home all the time, not being able to attend activities at the community centre but Ethan seems to be doing quite well. We’ve certainly spent even more time together so that’s always something to be grateful for.